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Christmas Table Top

December 17, 2011

It is so much fun to check your inventory of christmas china and crystal. Don’t forget to remember grandmother and great grandmothers holiday items. It will be a hit with your family and friends to remenese about passed family events.

Choose items that follow a theme or color pallet. It is interesting to have an eclectic look and have different place settings with different silver pieces selected as well.

A fun way to include named sitting arrangement is to simply script your guests name on piece of nice paperstock and add a bit of floral touch that corresponds and relates to your centerpiece. Think about coring an apple or fruit of your choice and insert an aquapic vial to hold water and insert your flowers.

You can add ribbon and small flower arrangements on the back of your dining room chairs to add a very elegant look. Remember to light candles well ahead of time to make sure all are functioning. Replace the ones that seem to be struggling because most often that will continue through your dining experience and will make your table look a bit unbalanced. Check you chandelier for all working bulbs and adjust the brightness with your dimming device. Sometimes you will need to check as the light outside begins to change.

Check your food in the kitchen, select soft holiday background music, choose your wine that relates to your menu and enjoy!

Christmas Tree Decoration

December 14, 2011

interior design holiday Christmas tree

We think rule number one is to fit the tree for the room size. This can a fun time rearrange your furniture to accommodate this decoration. Keep in mind when measuring for your tree that it takes into consideration the tree top. If you are purchasing a fresh tree we have had unlimited success with frasier fur. This tree seems to support ornaments well and good longevity through the holiday season. If it is fresh make sure you give the tree a fresh cut and water daily. Caution should exercised when placing the tree to make sure it is away from fireplaces and heat vents. Another good tip is if tree has been in a frozen or heavy snow environment it is good to let the tree rest and begin to drop limbs and becomes in a relaxed shape.

Step 1 selecting your tree lights is very important. Make sure all strings are functioning before placing. We find that it is a very beautiful and brilliant lighting display to start your strings at the top. Place the first few lights around the tip and if necessary secure with wire. Then begin circling the tree taking the strings into the trunk and wrapping the cord of lights around the branches to the tip and repeat that process until you get to the bottom.

Step 2 it is important to arrange your ornaments inside as well as to the edge of the branch. This gives depth and dimension to the tree. You can also use older ornaments that have some of their luster in back of the tree or deep in side where it is difficult to inspect the quality of the ornament. Decortations can be substitued with ribbon, bows or their traditional family favorites.

Step 3 sit back and enjoy your creations!!!

Table Top Decorations for the Holiday

December 9, 2011

holiday interior design table top

Creativity. We think rule number one is to check the freshness of your table linen and check your china and silver that you will be using for your holiday table. These items should be your starting point. We think by creating a palat of color that lives well with your existing items will make a more elegant and festive look. With that being said we can suggest many ideas for you to consider. Lisa loves to bring in fresh fruit (pineapple, pears and apples) and will sometimes spray these items gold and then in an arrangement adds pine cones, various nuts and christmas greens. She loves to add battery lights around the arrangement to add additional focus.

holiday interior design table top close up

We also like to utilize many different choices of fresh flowers and christmas greens. We have found that the christmas greens when watered will last through out the holiday and this arrangement can be re-freshed by simply adding new flowers as needed.

It is important to note that there are some simple rules to follow to bring an excellent design to your table.

Step 1
start by measuring the size of the space you Need to fill. This is a very important step because if your arrangement is too large or too small it will not be effective.

Step 2
select your favorite container, place pre soaked oasis floral foam with floral tape to secure and place on your work table with the measurements in mind.

Step 3
start my placing your flowers to the end to

End measurement on the side of the oasis. Next place your top height flower in the middle of the oasis (try not to exceed 12 inches in height so you can enjoy holiday conversation without having obstruction). Then complete arrangement with the remainder of purchased flowers and fill in blank spaces with your christmas greens.

Step 4
remember to check the container

Periodically to add water.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back here soon.

Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

December 6, 2011

Interior Design Holiday Mantel

Fireplaces are a great focal point of any room. We need to focus on enhancing the holiday look around that architectural feature. We suggest using faux pine balms, pine cones and other holiday branches that bring in a strong background. Exciting color can be added with lights, ornaments, ribbon, candles and berries. It is important to note please exercise caution when selecting these items because they will be place near heat and open fire.

It is also fun to add additional decoration on either side of the hearth to accentuate balance and height. Think of placing arrangement of branches and sticks with holiday lights to add excitement. When you are out and about shopping look for addition items that can be places along side these arrangements. Large angels and laterns add a warm touch.

You can also add a table top dimmer to some of the lights to add soft and bright light to these decorations. The main thing to remember is have fun with your selections and enjoy all of your work.

Christmas Holiday Decorating: Keeping It Simple

December 3, 2011

Oh what fun it is to decorate your home for the holidays. Color, lighting and aromas give great direction and inspiration for elegant displays. Don’t forget chestnuts roasting by an open fire.

christmas interior design

We begin by selecting a color scheme that works with your present décor and existing decorations. New inspirations can be developed by selecting new colors and glitters that are new to the market each year that complement your interior design. Select those items to bring new life to your past investments.

Bringing in fresh and permenent folage can give long life to your arrangements as well as safety when placed near hot or heated areas which always includes careful placement of candles. Make sure when candles are used place in hurricane or votive holders.

Another great complement is to bring in fresh holiday plants which include orchids, white mums and poinsettia. add diferent types of cut pine, holly, cedar and newly cut twigs to add dimension for additional contrast.

Thank you for reading.  Our next blog post will cover mantel design.

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