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Fall is Here:
Now let’s bring it indoors

October 27, 2011

Our fall garden is completed and now it is time to bring those wonderful warm fall colors into our homes. One of our key design elements that we like to incorporate into our rooms is a tranquil background that supports a splash of color. The color we bring in highlights the current holiday or season. This design strategy is a wonderful way to guarantee a clean yet powerful decoration strategy. For the season of fall it is great to create warm colored floral arrangements and position them in areas with high visibility. It is fun to arrange fresh leaves, berries, wheat, various types of cattails and floral choices to include red and orange shaded roses accented with a wide variety of colorful mums.

fall interior design lakehouse

fall interior design floral

It can also be great to incorporate fresh or faux pumpkins and gourds. Some of the faux materials available now are really a smart choice when incorporated with fresh flowers because we want to try to make these decoration elements last until the Thanksgiving Holiday.

fall interior design faux

Let’s not forget the younger set in our families, so positioning goblins and witches around the kitchen or eating areas as we get close to Halloween can bring big smiles to our children and grandchildren’s faces. Seems as the weather turns cold especially in the northern parts of this great country we tend to stay inside more so let’s have fun with this season and you will find it makes everyone happy. Good food, good floral and candle decorations with a warm fire bring comfort to everyone. Let’s celebrate and enjoy.

Fall Is Here

October 14, 2011

fall color is here. That is always a signal for us to share some ideas on how to bring those wonderful warm colors into your home and garden.

Since fall tells us to prepare for change in temperature and general weather conditions we like to begin staging our garden to celebrate the season. A good rule of thumb we have learned over the years is that October 15th is a good date to begin removing summer flower beds, fountains and summer furniture. We have included some pictures that show transition from a summer garden setting to fall.

summer design

fall design

The main fountain in our back garden is removed and stored for the winter away from the elements. In its place is a large cornstalk that is easy to assemble. A wooden pole is placed in the middle of the fountains foundation and tied down with four stakes and wired tight. We will be using the stakes and wire later in December to secure our Christmas tree so this assembly needs to be secure to withstand winter’s fury and Chicago winter sometimes really packs a punch. In front of the cornstalks we plant fall mums and fill the urns with mums with wheat and willow branches in the middle to add height. This has garden lighting for night enjoyment.

In our front courtyard we have removed summer flowers and filled the urns and baskets with fall mums and pansies for accent. A wreath is placed at our front door which contains fall harvested fruit on a vine wreath and accented with garden green silk ribbon. If your front door does not have an over hang or porch for protection like ours we would suggest using ribbon that can tolerate the rain.

front courtyard in summer


Spring bulbs should be purchased now and planted over the next weeks in the flower beds after you remove the summer’s glory. This must be done beginning in October so they have a chance to establish before the soil freezes. Remember after you clean out the summer beds and plant your spring tulip and daffodil selection, you should water well so they have a good drink before the onset of those cold temperatures.

Stay tuned because Lisa and I will share some easy ideas with photos on how to decorate fall indoors. These easy and fun decorations can be used now to enjoy through the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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