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Christmas Holiday Decorating: Keeping It Simple

December 3, 2011

Oh what fun it is to decorate your home for the holidays. Color, lighting and aromas give great direction and inspiration for elegant displays. Don’t forget chestnuts roasting by an open fire.

christmas interior design

We begin by selecting a color scheme that works with your present décor and existing decorations. New inspirations can be developed by selecting new colors and glitters that are new to the market each year that complement your interior design. Select those items to bring new life to your past investments.

Bringing in fresh and permenent folage can give long life to your arrangements as well as safety when placed near hot or heated areas which always includes careful placement of candles. Make sure when candles are used place in hurricane or votive holders.

Another great complement is to bring in fresh holiday plants which include orchids, white mums and poinsettia. add diferent types of cut pine, holly, cedar and newly cut twigs to add dimension for additional contrast.

Thank you for reading.  Our next blog post will cover mantel design.

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