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Christmas Table Top

December 17, 2011

It is so much fun to check your inventory of christmas china and crystal. Don’t forget to remember grandmother and great grandmothers holiday items. It will be a hit with your family and friends to remenese about passed family events.

Choose items that follow a theme or color pallet. It is interesting to have an eclectic look and have different place settings with different silver pieces selected as well.

A fun way to include named sitting arrangement is to simply script your guests name on piece of nice paperstock and add a bit of floral touch that corresponds and relates to your centerpiece. Think about coring an apple or fruit of your choice and insert an aquapic vial to hold water and insert your flowers.

You can add ribbon and small flower arrangements on the back of your dining room chairs to add a very elegant look. Remember to light candles well ahead of time to make sure all are functioning. Replace the ones that seem to be struggling because most often that will continue through your dining experience and will make your table look a bit unbalanced. Check you chandelier for all working bulbs and adjust the brightness with your dimming device. Sometimes you will need to check as the light outside begins to change.

Check your food in the kitchen, select soft holiday background music, choose your wine that relates to your menu and enjoy!

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