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Christmas Tree Decoration

December 14, 2011

interior design holiday Christmas tree

We think rule number one is to fit the tree for the room size. This can a fun time rearrange your furniture to accommodate this decoration. Keep in mind when measuring for your tree that it takes into consideration the tree top. If you are purchasing a fresh tree we have had unlimited success with frasier fur. This tree seems to support ornaments well and good longevity through the holiday season. If it is fresh make sure you give the tree a fresh cut and water daily. Caution should exercised when placing the tree to make sure it is away from fireplaces and heat vents. Another good tip is if tree has been in a frozen or heavy snow environment it is good to let the tree rest and begin to drop limbs and becomes in a relaxed shape.

Step 1 selecting your tree lights is very important. Make sure all strings are functioning before placing. We find that it is a very beautiful and brilliant lighting display to start your strings at the top. Place the first few lights around the tip and if necessary secure with wire. Then begin circling the tree taking the strings into the trunk and wrapping the cord of lights around the branches to the tip and repeat that process until you get to the bottom.

Step 2 it is important to arrange your ornaments inside as well as to the edge of the branch. This gives depth and dimension to the tree. You can also use older ornaments that have some of their luster in back of the tree or deep in side where it is difficult to inspect the quality of the ornament. Decortations can be substitued with ribbon, bows or their traditional family favorites.

Step 3 sit back and enjoy your creations!!!

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