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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You may submit your queries directly in the contact form below, or email us at Again, We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and will get back to you promptly.

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Design Process

Interior design is a humanistic process - it centers around people, individual character and style - and is therefore fluid. That said, we also like structure that both promotes efficiency, and keeps costs down and the project moving forward. below is the general workflow we follow that encompasses everything from introductions and initial planning, to the final decorating touches that bring the design together into a balanced, beautiful whole.

1. Initial Consultation

Our first step is to meet you and introduce ourselves. We feel that getting to know you, and each other, lays a solid foundation for the project. We want to get a firm sense of your style and needs so that we can put our expertise to work for you.

2. Contractual Agreement

Together, we determine the scope of the project, your budget, a general timeline for completion, and agree upon a design fee.

3. Site Exploration / Assessment

At this stage, we consider the details for bringing the project to fruition. We will go onsite to determine the current state of the interior and discuss changes. In addition to making measurements and considering materials, we will take this opportunity to speak with you in further detail to determine a design that best fits your lifestyle.

4. Preliminary Presentation

We present a design that is based both on our expertise, and on what we've learned from our onsite assessment and discussions with you. we'll present the concept through floor plans, color palettes, material samples, and photos.

5. Final Presentation

We've discussed the preliminary plans, and we've taken your feedback and refined the initial design into a master plan. We now have a clear vision and enough specifics to generate a cost estimate and labor bids (where applicable) from contractors.

6. Implementation and Installation

When the final plan is approved, we move forward to place orders, schedule work, and oversee contractors. We facilitate and coordinate all the efforts and work at every step of the process to ensure the highest quality result.

7. Punch List Resolution

We resolve any unfinished or remaining items. We also address the tiniest of decorating details - from linen selection to artwork - so as to provide you with a balanced space that's personalized and uniquely yours.


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